Arbitrary Code Executions in popular video games.

Video games are fun by themselves, but they are also a playground for creativity. Here are some incredible hacks where players manage to execute Arbitrary Code Execution (ACE)

Incredible hacks

TL;DR: We’re using ACE (Arbitrary Code Execution) in OoT to write code to memory that we can reach with a glitch in Paper Mario after quickly swapping cartridges [(If we quickly turn off the console, swap cartridges to Paper Mario, and turn the console back on, that instruction will still be there in memory)], and then that code lets us write more code with our filenames that warps us to the end of the game.

More technical details here.

Speedrunning stories

You probably don’t need me to browse youtube but if you are into speedrunning, there are 2 youtube channels you should check out:

Some of my favorite videos include:

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