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An intro to rust

19 février, 2018

I recently gave an introductory talk about the Rust language, to experienced programmers who did not know the language. The presentation can be seen here and downloaded on Github. This article is a short summary of what I described.

The idea was not to enumerate features, but to highlight some of the cool things that have made this language so popular and growing quickly with a lot of enthusiasm.

I chose to focus on the 4 following elements:

  • Tools
  • Borrow checker
  • Community
  • Integrations with other languages

There are more of course, but hey, attention and time are limited resources, tech talk are no exception. Lire la suite »

I had a hard time learning rust at first. I didn’t quite know where to start, I focused on the wrong resources and lost some time. Here are my suggestions about everything you may need in order to learn and work with rust: where and what to learn, how to properly install the compiler, what tools you need and how to use them.

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